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☆Presby’s Japanese Language Ministries have a mission statement: “To reach out to Japanese-speaking people with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ, to be equipped by the Word of God and to worship together.”

✞<< To reach out to Japanese-speaking people >>

We pray in Japanese, hear sermons in Japanese, read the Bible in Japanese, sing praises in Japanese, and fellowship in Japanese.  We are providing a space where Japanese speakers can experience the life found in Jesus Christ.

✞<< with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ >>

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ, the Son of God, proclaimed, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”  He demonstrated his love for us on the cross so that those who believe in Him would have eternal life.  We continue to believe salvation in Jesus Christ and to proclaim it.

✞<<to be equipped by the Word of God>>

The Bible is the foundation of our faith and lives.  Through the Bible God revealed Himself in a special way as well as the salvation and promises in Christ Jesus.  We strive to grow through feeding on the Word of the Bible.

✞ <<worship together>>

“Worship” means more than attending church on Sundays.  The meaning includes an attitude of bowing down before God, saying, “You are God and I am not.”  Since it is often difficult to do this alone, we hope to live the life of worship alongside each other as God’s family.

☆ Please do not hesitate to contact Satoru Nakanishi Email:   presbyjapan@gmail.com  Tel: 206-323-5990 ex.105