2 Corinthians 9:6–11 – “With Money” – Kerry Kaino

Discussion Questions:

1. What principles of giving does Paul highlight in this Scripture passage? When we give, what should motivate us?

2. What or who is the main subject in these verses? Explain.

3. Why do you think money is the cause of so much conflict and stress in our lives … personally and interpersonally? In what ways does Jesus provide an alternative?

4. Questions for personal reflection:

· Do I really understand what true wealth is?
· Does what I do with my money reflect the values of the Kingdom of God? · Am I living with a spirit of abundance, recognizing that I have a big God?
· Am I living with the realization that God is not only interested in what I place in the offering … whether it is a 10% tithe or an offer-ing of any size… but in what I do with the rest of the money I have? · What is it that God has given me this money for?
· Am I living with an attitude of gathering? Or an attitude of giving? · Whose kingdom am I building?
· In what do I trust?