Psalms 42–43 – “Living with a Song” – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. The effect and experience of poetry, with its stylized and rhythmic use of language, is often quite different from prose. To maximize their impact, try reading the Psalms aloud, slowly, allowing yourself to dwell on the sounds and images. In particular, pay special attention to and allow yourself to be immersed in the water imagery that drenches Psalm 42 (especially in verses 1–4 and 6–7). How is God like water?

2. The Psalmist compares the experience of God’s absence to dehydration (v. 3). What renews hope when you find yourself in a dry or depressed time (see verses 4 and 6)?

3. How might you incorporate this Psalm into your prayers and faithful imagination? How can it be a resource for your life and for the lives of those around you?

Note: if you have never read the entire book of Psalms, try reading five a day—you will be finished in a month! #30DayChallenge