Psalm 145 – “Living Differently Because of Who the Lord Is” – Kerry Kaino

Discussion Questions:

1. There is significance in the repetitive use of words in this psalm. What words are used in this way? What message is being highlighted by those words? Who is the Lord?

2. There are verses in this psalm that highlight how great and awesome God is. There are also verses that highlight how compassionate and personal He is. Identify those verses. What are the implications of those verses for us?

3. What meaning do the following phrases have for us in how we live … “all who call on Him” (verse 18) … “those who fear Him” (verse 19) … and “all who love Him” (verse 20)? In what ways does the parallelism of these verses help us to gain a fuller understanding of these phrases?

4. Write your own psalm of praise that is relative to your own life and living.