Psalm 88 – "My Soul is Full of Trouble" – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. If you feel like complaining or questioning God, Psalm 88 gives you full permission to do so and may even provide you with the words to say. If its words are not relevant to you at this time, can you think of someone to whom it might be a resource and to whom you can be present as a friend?

2. If you have ever felt completely hopeless, confused, or afraid (of the future, of death), the Psalmist also gives voice to those emotions. How does expressing such raw emotions and questions help you? (You might compare the experience of singing the blues.)

3. Life is made up of different seasons and circumstances, which is why it is so helpful that the Bible contains a range of texts that can speak to us in those situations when life makes sense and also when it doesn’t. How might you intentionally grasp a wider view of the Bible (instead of focusing on favorite verses or books) to be better equipped for life’s inevitable ups and downs? How will that help you hold onto God when the darkness comes?