Psalm 62 – "My Soul Finds Rest in God" – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. Because our lives are filled with unrest, instability, and danger, the Psalmist teaches us to look to God alone for rest, stability, and safety (verses 1–2). What does it mean to be saved, when it is not possible to be completely safe from or free of chaos?

2. The Psalmist counsels trust in God (verse 8) rather than money (v. 10)—how can we live out such radical trust and faith? (See also Mathew 6:24–33.)

3. The concluding confession of Psalm 62 is that God’s powerful love is the (verses 11 and 12). How can we push beyond our comfort zones to share that love in new ways?

4. Reflect on the importance to your health of rhythms of God-given rest and silence in your life and consider ways in which you can better care for your whole self.