Amos 1:1–2, 3:3–8 – "Called to Speak Truth" – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. Amos was compelled to raise his voice and speak God’s words to the political and religious authorities of his day about the injustices he saw that they were perpetuating. Who do you think speaks for God in a similar capacity today? How do they challenge or encourage your faith in God?

2. Amos was called from his primary job as a livestock worker to this prophetic ministry of speaking for God. Consider how God’s call to you to be a witness for Jesus might similarly intersect or disrupt your career (or retirement!) path. What gifts might God want you to exercise for the good of the church and the world?

3. What are the resources you rely upon to help discern the voice of God in your life? In the communities to which you belong? Ask God for faith, hope, and love to sustain you in times of uncertainty about God’s will!