Amos 9:11–15 – "Called to the Work of Restoration" – Kerry Kaino

Discussion Questions:

1. What key words do you see in these verses that proclaim the mind and heart of God toward Israel? Why can the people of Israel have confidence as they wait for a restoration?

2. What indication in these verses do we have of the extent of the restoration that God is promising?

3. What significance do you see in the presence not only of God saying, “I will …”, but also of God saying, “They will …” (verse 14). In what ways are we participants in bringing to fruition what God is doing?

4. In the history of the people of Israel, when they were still in the wilderness and about to enter the Promised Land, God warned them not to forget who blessed them (Deuteronomy 8). Is this experience of return from exile any different? What about us? What can help us not to forget the Blesser when we receive so many blessings?