Matthew 5:43–48 – "Blessing Your Enemies" – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. Recollect significant people in your life who have blessed you by their love and support and give thanks to God for them. Consider how natural and easy it is to love our friends and others who are good to us—but can that alone combat evil in the world?

2. Now think of someone whose presence in your life is negative, draining, or otherwise toxic, and ask yourself, "how can I love and pray for that person from the overflow of the love I have received from God?" The answers to those questions will change the world!

3. Matthew 5:48 reads the intimidating "Be perfect …" in many translations, but the phrase might also be translated as "Be whole-hearted" or "Have integrity." How do these alternative possibilities affect your understanding of how you can be faithful to Jesus’ command?