Philippians 3:3–11 – “He is our Glory” – Sarah Chen

Discussion Questions:

1. In the same way that Paul notes his various reasons to have “confidence in the flesh”, what are some things that lead you to have confidence or to glory in your own flesh? (wealth, job title, education, stable family life, good grades, material items, safety, a home, accomplishments, awards, etc)

2. How do you respond to Paul’s statement that “knowing Christ Jesus as my Lord is worth far more than everything else put together.” (v. 8)?

3. Paul recognizes that believers can still be influenced to value what the world values—money, fame, and success to the exclusion of justice, mercy, and love. His attitude serves as an example to the Philippians. Reflect on the ways God is calling you to “glory in Him”, How might that call change the way you see, value, and treat others?