Psalm 71:14–24 – “Never Too Old for the Call” – Kerry Kaino

Discussion Questions:

1. The psalmist emphasizes what he will say, declare and proclaim … presumably in his old age. He writes that he will say, declare and proclaim the mighty acts of God and His righteous deeds. If not those things, what else might we be tempted to express with our words in our old age?

2. What are some of the fears of people as they grow older? What are some of their joys? In which verses do you see some of these fears or joys reflected?

3. Read verse 20. What realities and truths can we learn through life about troubles and suffering? In what ways might troubles and suffering be experienced differently depending on whether we are in our younger years or our older years?

4. In what ways can an older person live out the themes declared in this psalm? In what ways can a younger person grow from these verses?