2 Timothy 2:20–26 – “Millenials Chasing the Right Things” – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. Millenials (those who are about 20–35 years old) probably make up about 15%–20% of our congregation on a typical Sunday (and are about a quarter of the U.S. population). How can you love and support these young adults as they mature and become the next generation of leaders at Presby and in society?

2. How have you witnessed the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of those who are younger than yourself? How are their fears and hopes and dreams similar to or different from your own?

3. How does knowing that God’s goodness and mercy are pursuing you (Psalm 23:6) encourage you in the pursuit of righteousness, faith, love, and peace (2 Timothy 2:22)?