1 Thessalonians 2:10–13 – “Coaching with Vision” – Kerry Kaino

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think of Paul’s analogy of the way a father deals with his children? Assuming that God is the one from whom we receive the definition of a father and his actions, in what ways does this analogy bring insights into Paul’s heart for the Thessalonians?

2. In what various ways do these verses make clear that God is the one who does the measuring in our lives … that He is the one who calls us and gives us the standard by which we should live?

3. What are the results when we do the measuring, rather than God?

4. What are examples of how you have seen or experienced God’s people around you “encouraging, comforting and urging others to live lives worthy of God”? Why are the last two words in this quote, “of God”, so important?