Genesis 11:1–9 – “The Problem with Making a Name for Ourselves” – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. This story of Babel describes the building of an ancient skyscraper (verse 4; probably a ziggurat), but is also symbolic of all grand human building projects (concrete or abstract). What are some such building projects that people are still constructing today in order to “make a name for [them]selves”?

2. Babel claims that the diversity of human languages in the world today is due to God’s mixing (verses 7 and 9) of an originally unified language (verse 1). How does such diversity present us with challenges (“curses”) or opportunities (“blessings”)?

3. Babel ends in verses 8–9 with a scattering or dispersion of the people from the site of their building project and community. How can we understand this scattering, outward movement as a good thing and blessed by God?