Isaiah 43:1–7 – “So Much More than a Name” – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. Who is your favorite hero or villain, fictional or real? What is that character’s “origin story”?

2. If you wrote your own origin story, what would it emphasize (e.g., places, objects, events, experiences, and relationships)? Which of those details are still significant for you today?

3. How important is your name(s) to your story? In what ways are you more than your name?

4. The origin story of the people of Israel includes the episode where Jacob wrestles with God and receives the new name Israel (Genesis 32). The origin story of the church includes the story of Simon whom Jesus invited to “follow me” (Mark 1:14) and to whom he gave the new name Peter (Mark 3:16). But the stories of God’s people continue into the present through us—through our encounters, wrestlings, and transformations that are about more than our names and the names we give to God. Share your story with a friend!