John 2:1–11 – “The First Move: A Wedding Dance” – Kerry Kaino

Discussion Questions:

1. What has been a favorite wedding memory?

2. Read John 2:1-11. This miracle of water being transformed into wine took place during a wedding feast. What might be the significance of this setting?

3. What part does the function and size of the water jars play in this account? (verse 6)

4. In what ways does the transformation of water into wine signify something more than simply a first demonstration of Jesus’ miraculous power? What does John mean by calling Jesus’ miracle a “sign”?

5. How did this miracle manifest Jesus’ glory and cause the disciples’ faith to grow? (verse 11)

6. The wine that Jesus made out of water was “the best”, just as we need Him to transform our lives. Why are we sometimes content with something less than the best that Jesus can do in our lives?

7. What have you been recently experiencing that feels like stale water in an old jug? How could Jesus change things?