John 9:1–7 – “The Fifth Move: Eyes Wide Open” – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. In this passage, Jesus noticed a man with a lifelong condition and showed compassion. Do you have any lifelong conditions or issues for which you desire Jesus’ compassion?

2. Where are your blind spots? What areas of your life would need eye-opening transformation so that they could become sources of insight and awareness? Pray for Jesus’ illuminating and transforming work as specifically as you can.

3. How does becoming more aware (or woke) help you see Jesus more clearly? How does beholding and contemplating Jesus help you become more aware, in turn, of others?

4. In this passage, saliva and dirt (ordinary and visible stuff) become the instruments of God’s grace (extraordinary and invisible). What ordinary things (and people) are signs of God’s grace in your life? Give thanks to God!