John 10:11–15 – “The Shepherd’s Dance” – Kerry Kaino

Discussion Questions:

1. What point is Jesus making when He says, “I am the gate”? (verse 7 & 9)

2. What qualities are evident in the relationship between the shepherd and the sheep in verses 3 and 4? What is Jesus’ point in applying the qualities of this relationship to Himself? (Verses 11-15)

3. What motivates a shepherd to lay down his life for his sheep? In what ways does Jesus apply this willingness to Himself in verses 15 and 17-18?

4. How is the shepherd’s concern for the sheep in contrast to the interests of the thief and the stranger in these verses?

5. Who are the “other sheep” Jesus must also bring? (verse 16)

6. How do you discern the voice of the Good Shepherd from all the other voices that compete for your attention? (verse 3)

7. What are the implications for your own life if Jesus is your Good Shepherd?