John 19:1–10 – “The Ugly Audience“ – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. If you have ever been unjustly accused, especially in a public setting (whether in real life or online), think back to how you responded to and processed that accusation. How did the fear and anger (and other emotions you may have felt) affect your behavior?

2. How did Pilate respond to the pressure from Jesus’s accusers and the calls to crucify him (verses 4–8)? Why do you think he was afraid?

3. How did Jesus respond to the pressure from his accusers as well as Pilate’s questions (see verses 9 and 11)? What do we learn from Jesus’s attitude in this back and forth drama?

4. When confronted by a loss of power in our lives, how can we learn to submit those situations to Jesus and allow him to cleanse the emotional and spiritual toxins we naturally feel in response?