John 21:15–19 – "Invited to Dance Some More" – J. P. Kang

Questions for Reflection:

1. There are many things in this passage that echo earlier parts of the Gospel of John. For example, Jesus calls Simon Peter “Simon son of John” on their first meeting (1:42 and three times in this passage). How might your experiences of an echo (perhaps the feeling of déjà vu) in your life be opportunities for God to remind you about who you are and the progress of your journey of discipleship?

2. What do you think are the connections between the meal and Jesus’ interaction with Peter? How often do you encounter Jesus in the course of a meal? How does knowing Jesus nourish you continually?

3. Jesus ends this passage with the call to “Follow me” (first heard in John 1:43 addressed to Phillip). How can you better heed this call to follow the person of Jesus (and not a set of actions or ideas) through the ups and downs of life? How do baptism and the Lord’s table signify your belonging to and continuing follow-ship of Jesus?