Amos 6:1–7 – “Grace Filling” – Kerry Kaino and Zoe Chee

Questions for Reflection:

1. How do you feel when you read these verses? Defensive? Irritated? Misunderstood? Guilty? Vindicated? Challenged? Awakened?

2. What do you think causes people to become complacent in their lives?

3. When your life situation seems better than others, does that comfort you? Or stir you to intervene for the benefit of others? Why might you be comforted? Why might you be stirred to intervene?

4. In what ways can the grace that you experience filling your life lead you to fill in at least some of the gap in someone else’s life?

5. Henri Nouwen shared that he needed the people of the Daybreak community (a L’Arche community for the mentally disabled) in his life more than they needed him. What do you think might have been some of his reasons for saying that? Is that true for our lives, too?