1 Samuel 18:1–20:24 – "Surviving the Poison of Power" – Kerry Kaino

Questions for Reflection:

1. Why do you think David and Jonathan were drawn to each other?

2. In what ways was it risky for Jonathan to have a friendship with David? In what ways was their friendship tested?

3. Reflect on Martin Buber’s statement, “The greatest thing any person can do for another is to confirm the deepest thing in him, in her — to take the time and have the discernment to see what’s most deeply there, most fully that person, and then confirm it by recognizing and encouraging it.”

In what ways did David and Jonathan help each other to be their best? In what ways did they protect each other?

4. In what ways can you be a better friend to those around you? In what ways can you strengthen the experience of community at Presby?