1 Samuel 23:14–18 – “More Than Survival in the Wilderness” – J. P. Kang

Discussion Questions:

1. David is living “on the edge” during this season of his life. As risky as it was, what were (and are) the potential rewards of time spent away from the center and on the margins, for David and for you?

2. Jonathan is the agent or conduit of God’s faithfulness to David in this episode (vv. 16–18). What is the connection between their human relationship and God’s faithfulness and grace? Give thanks for the relationships where you regularly experience God’s grace, and pray for those relationships in which you struggle to see God at work.

3. David often sought safety in caves (1 Samuel 22, 24; Psalms 57, 142). Who, what, or where are the analogous places of refuge and solitude for you?

4. Jesus, too, spent time “sleeping” in a cave one weekend, but it was a brief sojourn and prelude to God’s raising him up forever. How does the hope of resurrection sustain you and give you perspective in your daily struggles?