1 Samuel 24:1–13 – "Refuge in the Wilderness" – Kerry Kaino

Questions for Reflection:

1. How would you describe a desert? What features are prominent? What have been some of your experiences in a desert?

2. How would you describe David’s behavior in the Desert of En Gedi? What actions are prominent? What different emotions do you think David experienced in this Scripture passage?

3. How do you explain the mercy and grace that David extended to King Saul?

4. When we are experiencing a desert as a “state of being” in our lives, and we are feeling the severity of how hot and dry daily life is … what can help us extend mercy and grace to the people around us?

5. When you are stressed in life, what do you tend to rely on to make it through? Where do you find rest? What would it mean to you to find refuge?

6. Read Psalm 57. What did David find in the cave? What might you find?