2 Chronicles 35:1–7 – "Josiah – Passover at Last" – Kerry Kaino

Discussion Questions (2 Chronicles 34:8–35:19)

1. Why do you think the maintenance of the Temple had been neglected? (34:8) Why do you think it was possible for such an important book as the “Book of the Law” to become lost in the Temple? (34:14)

2. What do you think it was about Josiah that made him a great king?

3. What was it about the Passover that Josiah celebrated with the people that made it worthy of the statement, “The Passover had not been observed like this in Israel since the days of the prophet Samuel; and none of the kings of Israel had ever celebrated such a Passover as did Josiah, with the priests, the Levites and all Judah and Israel who were there with the people of Jerusalem.” (35:18)

4. Why are anniversary dates important? Why are they good reminders? In what ways do they give us a sense of focus? What anniversary dates have been important to you?

5. Why do we need reminders of what is important? What causes us to forget … or if we don’t completely forget, at least to become numb or casual … sometimes even things of great importance?

6. What helps you to keep things fresh in your life?