Matthew 14:25–27 – "Do Not Be Afraid" – Kerry Kaino

Questions for Reflection:

1. When have you been afraid in your life? Were there good reasons for that fear? How did you react to that fear? Did that fear change your behavior? Rightly? Or wrongly?

2. In what places in Matthew 14:22-33 do you think there might have been fear … whether fear is explicitly mentioned or not? Fear of what?

3. When Jesus said, “Do not be afraid”, what gives merit to His command? Why should the disciples have let go of their fear? Why should we?

4. In what ways do fears protect us? Imprison us? In what ways does Jesus release us? How is it possible to actually experience in our lives what Jesus desires for us?

5. What two or three words in verses 25-27 are particularly meaningful for you at this time in your life?