Colossians 1:9–14 – "Leaning Forward" – J. P. Kang

Questions for Reflection:

1. Knowledge is an important focus of this prayer. We gain knowledge in several important and different ways: through experience, intellectually, and by intuition. How do you learn best, and how might you grow in other types of knowing?

2. For the apostle, knowledge of God (v. 9) leads to true life (v. 10). When have you experienced this connection between knowing and living most powerfully?

3. The second focus of the prayer is for strength (v. 11), of which there are also numerous kinds (physical, intellectual, and spiritual/emotional, to name a few). Strength, in turn, is necessary for endurance (v. 12) in the life of faith. Pray for greater strength and stamina for life.

4. Reflect on the freedom that is ours because of God’s forgiveness of sins (vv. 13–14). How can we guard against abuses of that freedom, which is not just freedom from, but freedom for the life found in Jesus Christ?