Exodus 4:1–2 – “What do you have in your hand?” – Kerry Kaino

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Questions for Reflection
Exodus 4:1–2
“What do you have in your hand?”
Pastor Kerry Kaino

1. It’s clear that Moses was feeling inadequate and intimidated when God called him to an action that was way beyond his comfort zone.  Similarly, when we are called by God to take a step of faith, what excuses do we often have?

2. What did Moses have in his hand?  Why did he have a staff?  Was it a symbol of power? What did it represent?

3. What do you have in your hand?  What might it mean for us if God calls us to (verse 3) “throw it on the ground?”  What if we don’t?  If we do, what might God transform it into?

4. Identify some ordinary everyday “staffs” you have “in your hand”.  (Examples: material possessions, financial resources, time, practical skills, cooking ability, listening nature.)  In what ways might God call you to “throw them down”; that is, offer them to Him?

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