Dear Presby,

Presby’s Session invites you to read through the Bible—the Holy Scriptures—the written Word of God—in 2023, and to do so together with others. In fact, as worthy a goal as finishing the entire Bible in one year is, taking that journey (however fast or slow, long or short) in the company of at least one other person will contribute greatly to the quality and sustainability of the experience.

At the end of 2020, when Elder Ella Mae Kurashige sent the invitation on behalf of Session, she wrote these evergreen words: “As we seek God’s vision, mission, and plans for Presby going forward, we encourage you to seek God as well, through reading the Bible. Please be kind to yourself: don’t make this a legalistic task you must do every day. Think of it more as spending time with someone you love and desire to know better. It’s a way to nurture your relationship with God and learn about God in the process as well.”

To keep it simple, we recommend the One Year Bible Daily Readings plan (two portions each from Old and New Testaments), accessible through

One tip from me: if this is not your first time doing this, I recommend switching to a different translation to get a fresh perspective. I am going to read the Common English Bible (published in 2011), which I have been consulting more frequently in recent years because I find it more colloquial and because I personally know and trust many of the scholars who put it together. (But note that there are about 70 other English translations available through the app and website, along with other modern languages and even audio versions if listening works well for you.)

If you have questions about which translation to use, or would like to know about alternative reading plans, please contact a pastor.

If you would like to join an email group for discussion and sharing throughout the year or would like to be part of a church school class devoted to discussing Bible readings, please contact the church office.

We hope to see you on the Way,

Pastor J. P. and the Presby Session

p.s. My graduate school colleague Martha Wade has been a Bible translator in Papua New Guinea for the Apal people (a population of nearly three million) since 1985. Several times a year, she sends out an email newsletter about her work there and explains translation issues she is working on with native speakers. After 37 years, an Apal translation has been completed! In her post yesterday, she wrote: “The Apal scriptures will be dedicated on 1 August 2023 after a three day preaching crusade. The Apal people would be honored to have visitors to share in praying for the use of the Apal Scriptures and praising God for the fact that they can now search the scriptures in their own language.” Let’s not take for granted the privilege we have of easy access to the Bible and tools to help us understand it!